Monday, February 28, 2011

So lazy is apparently too lazy!

So I finally took the time to reinstall stuff on my laptop, but apparently the computer gods did not like how lazy I was and saw fit to punish me.  I hadn't installed Adblock/NoScript/Flashblock yet and I made the mistake of searching for One Piece episodes on random sites since my main download was taking too long (I'm rewatching the series with my girlfriend.)  Obviously you know where this is headed, I ended up with a virus.  So here I am skipping class right now to wipe my computer again since I'm far too lazy (uh oh?) to deal with the virus on a computer that has basically nothing on it anyways. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

So Lazy!

I've yet to stick any games on my laptop, my CD drive seems to be broken...something I can't understand since I never use it.  I can't imagine me using it more then 20 times in the 2 years I've had this computer, yet it's still broken!  Now I have to go make CD images on another computer and transfer them over.  Simple task yes, but for some reason  I have no motivation to do it -_-; 

Also, in response to a previous comment, I would love to put linux on my laptop and the only thing stopping me really is the games (and visual studio/microsoft libraries, not sure if those work on linux or not.)  I once stuck linux on my PS3, but sadly that was before I bought my HDTV and it required at least a 720i(or p I forget) resolution to work. 

Finally, a request to anyone reading this:  last post I told you the specs of the new laptop I'm thinking of getting.  Anyone know of a better laptop or a similar one for around the same price ($1700)?  I'm not buying a Dell/Gateway, other then that I'll consider anything. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well my laptop is dying FAST...Seems like it's taking hits from all parts: Video Card/Processor/HDD (this has been slowly dying for a while.)  I had to wipe my computer yesterday and spent the day before transferring everything to dropbox (Awesome service! If you don't have one use my link and we both get extra space! or you can be mean and just go to dropbox and sign up yourself, but then you don't get extra space either.)  Sadly I lost my windows 7 install and now I'm back on Vista...but at least my computer is hanging in a little better.  I'm looking at a new laptop atm, I think I'm going to get a Sony Vaio EC series Sony EC series Specs: 1GB V.Ram (ATI 5650 if I remember correctly,) 500GB (7200RPM) HDD, 8GB Ram, Intel i7 2.88GHz processor, windows 7 professional (spending the extra $50 so I can select Fresh start and I don't have to have all the extra crap companies always stick on computers....screw AOL..I have a horror story I'll share another time about them.)

In other news I did some more work on my video game framework this weekend, not enough to really make a post about, but it's slowly getting better.  The FFXI marathon went well too, didn't get done exactly what I wanted but I am working towards it.

Friday, February 18, 2011


My girlfriend was nice enough to point out that I had some issues with dyslexia in my spelling of "etc" I had it as "ect" as you may or may not have noticed.  I swear I don't think I'd have passed English classes w/o a spellchecker(I had to program one once, it was a pain.)  This weekend I'm back home, hanging out with a friend.  Tonight shall be a Final Fantasy XI marathon! I'm working on getting an awesome weapon....slowly I might add.

It's the Staff on the bottom row, second from the left.  It has 3 stages, I'm working on the first stage:
Though it's basically crap till the second stage:
I love how goal oriented video games are, it's nice to sit down and do something solo or with a group of friends and come out having accomplished something (even if it's in a virtual world) and of course there's all the fun you have doing it.  There's actually a very interesting TED talk about video games/gamers, shows how it's useful and stuff (my thousands of hours are justified!) If anyone's interested in it, here's the link: Video game TED talk

Edit: added labels, also if anyone's interested in mythology (I enjoy reading it~) here's a link to the origin of the Staffs name Hvergelmir

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Awesome, just had this for lunch today~  It saves so much time and it's so easy.  I recommend it....anyways I've been working on a framework for making video games(working on Mouse/Keyboard events and Buttons ect.) I've tried making games in the past, but I quickly get stuck once it comes to content.  I have basically 0 artistic skills, so the most I've been able to make is Tetris.  So this time I decided I'd focus on building a framework for making games, that way, in the off chance that I'm able to get one of my friends to work on some graphics, I can have all the basics ready and focus on the game code.

Sidenote: If anyone's interested in trying out my Tetris knock off let me know (PC only~)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Intro and stuff

Hey, first blog and all I figured I'd take the time to introduce myself and more or less what this blog will be about.  As the title says: video games and stuff.  That stuff being the random in my life: movie review, food, strange events and happenings that may or may not interest you, ect.  As for the video games, My biggest addiction is FFXI, and I'm in love with the Final Fantasy series.  Though in the past few weeks I've started playing Star Craft 2 again, I'm getting back into TD games.

Little about me:  I'm turning 23 in May, I'm a college student in southern California.  I'm a Computer Science major so there will probably be the occasional talk of computers and programming.  Pizza + ice cream + Mt.Dew = win.