Saturday, February 26, 2011

So Lazy!

I've yet to stick any games on my laptop, my CD drive seems to be broken...something I can't understand since I never use it.  I can't imagine me using it more then 20 times in the 2 years I've had this computer, yet it's still broken!  Now I have to go make CD images on another computer and transfer them over.  Simple task yes, but for some reason  I have no motivation to do it -_-; 

Also, in response to a previous comment, I would love to put linux on my laptop and the only thing stopping me really is the games (and visual studio/microsoft libraries, not sure if those work on linux or not.)  I once stuck linux on my PS3, but sadly that was before I bought my HDTV and it required at least a 720i(or p I forget) resolution to work. 

Finally, a request to anyone reading this:  last post I told you the specs of the new laptop I'm thinking of getting.  Anyone know of a better laptop or a similar one for around the same price ($1700)?  I'm not buying a Dell/Gateway, other then that I'll consider anything. 

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