Friday, February 18, 2011


My girlfriend was nice enough to point out that I had some issues with dyslexia in my spelling of "etc" I had it as "ect" as you may or may not have noticed.  I swear I don't think I'd have passed English classes w/o a spellchecker(I had to program one once, it was a pain.)  This weekend I'm back home, hanging out with a friend.  Tonight shall be a Final Fantasy XI marathon! I'm working on getting an awesome weapon....slowly I might add.

It's the Staff on the bottom row, second from the left.  It has 3 stages, I'm working on the first stage:
Though it's basically crap till the second stage:
I love how goal oriented video games are, it's nice to sit down and do something solo or with a group of friends and come out having accomplished something (even if it's in a virtual world) and of course there's all the fun you have doing it.  There's actually a very interesting TED talk about video games/gamers, shows how it's useful and stuff (my thousands of hours are justified!) If anyone's interested in it, here's the link: Video game TED talk

Edit: added labels, also if anyone's interested in mythology (I enjoy reading it~) here's a link to the origin of the Staffs name Hvergelmir


  1. Awesome stuff. Yeah I wouldn't worry too much about typing ect. instead of etc. It's wrong, but it's a really really common mistake.